How do I collect coins?

different grades of Washington quarters

Generally speaking, when I write these blogs, any time I refer to coin collecting I am in my mind including the collection of paper money, tokens, medals, and military awards. To me they are all specialized branches of the general field of numismatics. “Numismatics” is a word that describes the study of coins, and by extension the study of anonymous items of value or representations of value in commerce. And I’m referring to … Click here to read the whole article!

Basic Info for New Coin Collectors

MAKEDON, PHILIPPI, Tiberius, 14-37 AD, bronze

What are coins? What makes them interesting? What do coins reveal about history? What are they worth? Why do people collect them? Does coin collecting have investment value? “What are coins?” This may seem like a silly question, but the world as-we-know-it is changing rapidly. There may be a time in the not too distant future when some people might not know what a coin is. I am Bob Reis, owner of Golden … Click here to read the whole article!