Consignment Terms

Consignment Contract

The basic contract is 90 days, 20% commission, renewable.

Can I decide my consignment price?

Asking prices and acceptable discounts are negotiated in advance by you and us.

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How do I send my items to Golden Rule Enterprises?

You pay shipping costs to get the things to us. Who pays return shipping on unsold items is negotiated in the contract.

What price do consignment items usually cost?

Generally speaking, we want the sale price of a consigned item to be $100.00 or more. There may be exceptions, go ahead and ask.

When do I collect my money from the sale of my consigned item?

Payments will be made no later than 91 days from the signing of the contract. Payments will often be made sooner than that. Payments will be made by paypal, paper check, or by other negotiated method. We are not responsible for any fees or other costs involved in payment by your preferred method.

Can the consignment terms be re-negotiated?

Either of us may wish to modify or terminate the contract before 90 days for various reasons. We will negotiate to mutual satisfaction and have a written agreement before we proceed.

Modifications to the standard contract are possible. One that happens fairly frequently is that we have a backup agreement that we will buy the item for some amount even if it doesn’t sell, and we will pay that amount in advance of consignment sale, the amount deducted from your take when the item sells.

Example: We offer your thing for $500.00. We tell you we’ll pay $150.00 for it anyway if it doesn’t sell. You agree. We then will send you $150.00 immediately and proceed to offer it at $500.00 for 90 days. It sells. We send you 80% of $500.00, which is $400.00, minus $150.00 we paid you already, you get $250.00. Or it doesn’t sell. We already agreed to me paying you $150.00 for it if it didn’t sell, so now we own it, you got $150.00 for it.

How can I start the process?

Contact us via our Contact page. Or fill out the web form below to get started.