Consulting Services

Here at Golden Rule Enterprises Coins, we do a lot more than just sell coins in this online shop. I (the owner of the site, Bob Reis) have been buying and selling coins for over 40 years. I do a lot of consulting on topics such as appraisal, insurance reports, attribution, collecting, and identification. People pay me to find coins for them and they pay me to tell them whether the coin they think they want to buy is worth it. I also do general consulting on history, storage, investing, spotting counterfeits…, the list goes on.

I have some convenient smaller consulting packages for sale on the website, which you can buy just like any physical product. Besides these packages, you can also hire me to do other types of consulting which are described farther down the page.

Consulting Packages

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Buying Agent

People sometimes hire me to find coins for them that I don’t already have in stock. It’s sort of like a want list, but rather than wait for me to acquire the product by happenstance, they want me to actively seek it out. I go find the coin they are looking for. Maybe I know where to look and I can often find a better deal than they can. Read more….

Shopping Assistant

Sometimes our customers ask me for advice on whether they should buy something that they have found listed by another dealer. I have this service: the numismatic shopping assistant. I look at their prospective purchase and comment on if I think buying it is a good idea. Read more…

The above packages are all products which can be purchased through the shopping cart. We have long performed other types of consulting as well, outlined below.

Right now these additional services are arranged by private negotiation. Some of them require contracts (insurance reports for example). For now, start by filling out our Consulting web form (available at the very bottom of this page), or otherwise get in touch.

Other Types of Consulting We Do


We can attribute coins, paper money, tokens, medals, other selected collectibles. Basic fee is $5.00 per item, paid in advance. You get, as a written description: country of manufacture, time frame, denomination, perhaps a catalog reference. You can get a picture taken of both sides, referenced in the description, for an additional $5.00. You can request more information about your item. That will usually involve research, which we will give you a quote for doing. Research usually starts at $25.00.

You get a printout of our findings when we return the item to you, and an email copy of same statement. Statements are opinions only. Occasionally we are not able to make an attribution. This is usually due to the condition of the item being too low. We still charge $5.00.

We may be able to work with pictures for attribution. If that doesn’t work, and you send the items to us, you will pay shipping costs both ways. Visit our Contact Page or fill out the webform below to get started.


I write reports regarding the “current market value” of your things. Included will be our opinion of the grade (state of conservation), rarity, popularity, average sale price in current market conditions. Statements are our opinion. We can write reports for insurance. Ask us about protocols, limitations, requirements, etc. Visit our Contact Page or fill out the web form below to get started.


We can look into situations in the collectible world. Could be the aliases used by a 17th century medallist, or the long-term market viability of some collectible item, when was the last time some item showed up in the market, legal issues regarding collectibles, lots of possibilities. Our position is that we know how to get information on these topics better than you do and that the money you pay us will get you a quicker and more accurate result than you’d get yourself. This is true even for collectible areas in which we don’t specialize. There are structural similarities in all kinds of collectibles and collectible markets. We know how to ask the right questions about things we don’t know. Visit our Contact Page or fill out the web form below to get started.

Consulting on Issues Related to Collecting

Why collect? Should I collect? What should I collect? What will other people think of my hobby? How can collecting become a problem? What about storage? What about preservation? What about organization? Etc.

The Contact Page will get things started. Or you can fill out the web form below.