Customer Participation

You can get involved by answering questions that we have!

Do you have items that you would like to have appraised?

Here at Golden Rule Enterprises Coins, we do more than just sell you awesome collectibles. We also do consulting. One type of consulting that we do is appraisals.

If you are interested in having your item(s) appraised, please visit our Contact Page and fill out the web form to get started. We will get in touch with you soon!

Are you looking for an item that you can’t find on the site?

We currently have over 2,500 items in stock in our online store.

We are slowly adding more. Golden Rule Enterprises Coins is the latest iteration of Anything Anywhere, a coins and collectibles business owned by Bob Reis. Anything Anywhere has been in operation since 1978!

We have 30,000 more items in stock that are not listed on this website. If you are looking for something, please contact us via our Contact page to inquire.

Special Characters from Foreign Languages

Q: We need help with the Greek font in our Ancient Coins. You’ll notice that the Greek legends are rendered as QWERTY with Roman letters. We’re working on that. Currently, importing our product data removes all special fonts and characters. If one of you knows an elegant way to import special fonts into WordPress products (in bulk, not on a case-by-case basis) please let us know!

A: We figured it out. We just needed to save our CSVs as CSV UTF-8 instead of regular old CSV.