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Q: How do I apply my coupon?

A: You can add coupons from the Shopping Cart.

To add a coupon from your Shopping Cart, please locate the white “Coupon code” field, which is located on the left, directly under the list of products in your cart. Click in the white “Coupon code” field and type your coupon code. Click the blue “Apply Coupon” button. Your discount will be reflected in your “Cart totals” area (beneath your “Coupon code” field).

Q: Can I enter multiple coupons?

A: Yes, you can enter as many valid coupons as you have. Please note that the coupon codes need to be entered individually. Enter your first coupon code in your white Coupon Code box, then click the blue “Apply Coupon” button. Once that discount has been added, please enter your next coupon code in the Coupon Code field and then click the blue “Apply Coupon” button to apply the next coupon. And so on….

Q: I like to browse. How can I view the product catalog?

A: We have over 4,000 individual items in stock. You can see our entire catalog on the Inventory page. Our main categories are at the top of the Inventory page, followed by ALL products. There are 60 products per page. To see more pages, scroll to the bottom and click the arrow to go to the next page. The category photos have pink backgrounds. Click on any major category (such as Ancient Coins) to link to that category’s page. Once you are on the category page, you will find more pink pictures, which are the subcategory options (such as Roman Coins). The category pages are setup like the Inventory page: category groups at the top and individual products below. You can refine the amount of products that you see using the Search Tool and the Price Slider Tool, which are both located on the left hand side of the screen.

Q: How do I add products to my shopping cart?

A: You can add a product to your cart using the “Add to cart” buttons which are located beneath the product on any catalog page (such as World Coins, Roman, or Inventory) or to the right of the product on any single product page.

Adding a product to your cart from a catalog page

At Golden Rule Enterprises, the pages that show multiple grouped products are collectively referred to as “catalog pages.” You can add a product to your cart from any of the catalog pages (such as World Coins or Inventory) by simply clicking on the red “Add to Cart” button, underneath your desired product. When you click the “Add to Cart” button, the button will turn grey. A little sprocket will appear and spin as the system “thinks.” Once the item is added to your cart, the button will turn back to red and a little check-mark will appear next to “Add to cart.” You will also notice that your little shopping cart icon in the top menu will reflect the new cart total.

Adding a product to your cart from a product page

You can also add a product to your cart from the single product page by clicking on the blue “Add to Cart” button, located to the right of the product image, under the product details. Once you click the button, the screen will reload and a light blue note will appear above the product image which says “‘your product name‘ has been added to your cart.” Within this light blue note, you will also a link with a little arrow that says “View cart.” Click the link to visit your shopping cart.

Q: How do I purchase my products?

A: To purchase products, you must be a logged in member. We DO NOT allow guest checkout. When you go through your checkout process, you will be asked to log in to your account on the Checkout page. If you are not already a member, an account will be created for you during checkout.

Additionally, you may log in at any time via your My Account page or the Login link in the top bar menu.

To log in via your My Account page, please locate the Login link in your top bar menu. When you click this link, your page will refresh and you will be redirected to your My Account page. Now you can enter your email or username and password.

Tip: In your top bar menu, if you see the word “Login,” then you are not logged in. If you see the words “My Account,” then you are already logged in.

Accessing your Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart can be accessed from the top (and bottom) of our website. At the very top of the website is your Top Bar Menu. Your shopping cart can be accessed via the little shopping cart symbol in your Top Bar Menu. If you have items in your shopping cart, you will also see an amount in US dollars next to the cart symbol. This is your order subtotal thus far. To access your Shopping Cart page, click the shopping cart symbol to be taken to your Shopping Cart page. Additionally, if you simply hover over the shopping cart symbol, a popup window will appear with more detailed information about the contents of your cart. You can access your shopping cart page using the blue “View cart” button located near the bottom left of this popup window.

You can also access your Shopping Cart page using the Cart tool which is located near the bottom of any screen (except the Checkout page). The Cart tool has a pink pill-shaped title that reads “Cart.” If your cart is empty, your tool will have a note that says “No products in the cart.” If you have items in your cart, the tool will show them. You will see a little product image, followed by the product name, the quantity, and your subtotal. At any time, you can use the little X-in-a-circle to remove the items from your cart. Please note that you can also access your Shopping Cart page by clicking the blue “View Cart” button at the bottom of your Cart tool.

Finding your shipping cost

As a reminder, you must be a logged in member to complete your purchase. Now that you have navigated to your Shopping Cart page, please enter your Shipping Information into the Shipping Calculator tool. This tool is located beneath your product list in the “Cart totals” section. Please click the pink “Calculate shipping” link next to the little truck symbol. This will open a little form wherein you can enter your relevant address information. Please click the blue “Update” button and the system will find your relevant shipping method(s). Some non-US residents have more than one option. Please choose the shipping option which works best for you.

Entering your personal details and logging into your account

Once you have entered your shipping information, please click the blue “Proceed to checkout” button which is located directly under your Cart totals section on your Shopping Cart page. You will be redirected to your Checkout page. If you are not yet logged in, please follow the prompt to log in to your account. Once you log in to your account, the most recent address you used will be auto-filled. Please fill out any required fields that are blank.

If you are not already a member, an account will be created for you during checkout. Please note that if you entered your address on the Shopping Cart page, your information will be auto-filled in your checkout form.

Please be sure to enter your phone number, email address, and any other required information into the web form fields. If you have special instructions for delivery, you can enter them in the optional Order notes field.

Filling out your card details

We use 2 payment processors at Golden Rule Enterprises: PayPal and USAEpay. The payment gateways are located directly under the “Your order” invoice table.

To pay with PayPal, please select the radio button next to the phrase “Pay with PayPal.” Then you can use the big yellow PayPal button at the bottom of your screen. Please do not forget to check the Terms & Conditions checkbox. Once you click the big yellow PayPal button, a popup will appear wherein you can enter your PayPal credentials (or pay as a PayPal guest). Note that our PayPal gateway supports Venmo and PayPal One Touch, as long as you are already a cookied Venmo or One Touch user on your device.

To pay via Credit or Debit (aka the USAEpay gateway), please enable the radio button next to the phrase “Credit or Debit.” A small webform will appear wherein you can enter your card number, expiry, and card security code. Please do not forget to check your Terms & Conditions checkbox. Then click the big blue “Place order” button to complete your purchase.

Completing your purchase

Once you fill out your payment information and place your order, your screen will be refreshed. The system will process your payment and you will be redirected to a page which says “Thank you. Your order has been received.” You will see your order number, the purchase date, your email, your total, and your payment method. Under that, you can view your Order details.

Q: How do I start the return process?

A: Of course we always strive to make sure that you are happy with your products, but sometimes returns happen. If you wish to return your items, please contact us via the Contact Form located near the bottom of your My Account page. Please include your name, email, and a brief explanation of your situation. We will reach out to you to begin the return and refund process. Please see our Terms, Conditions, Business Practices page for more information regarding Returns and Refunds.

Q: Do the background colors of the pictures mean anything?

A: Actually, yes.

Black background means that actual thing is for sale.

Black background with lime green border means that the picture is “generic,” there is more than one in stock, you may or may not get that exact specimen.

Pink background is used to illustrate a category: medal is a picture of a medal, token is a picture of a token. Pink background items are not for sale per se, but may possibly be found with a black background elsewhere, indicating that that item is for sale. If you want to find out more about what that pink border thing is, like what it is and if its for sale, you can search around or ask me via our Contact page.

Q: Can I view the items in my cart without leaving the page I am on?

A: Yes, there are 2 ways to “quick-reference” your shopping cart contents from any given page: your “Menu-Cart” tool at the very top right, and your Cart tool near the bottom.

At the top right-hand side of the screen is a little shopping cart icon, which at Golden Rule Enterprises, we refer to as your “Menu-Cart” or your “Shopping Cart tool.” Once you add any product(s) to your cart, your cart total (in US dollars) will appear next to the shopping cart icon. You can hover over this icon to see a list of all items in your cart (complete with the product name, photo and price).

If you are towards the bottom of your screen, you have 2 useful tools: the “Recently Viewed Items” tool on the left, and the Cart tool on the right. Both of these tools float against a green background and they are labeled with pink and red pill-shaped titles. Just like your Menu-Cart, your product selections are visible in a list, complete with product name, a small image, the price and your subtotal.

Q: Does adding an item to my cart reserve it for me?

A: NO! Please note that we use cookies to “remember” your preferences, including the items in your shopping cart. However, having the items in your cart does not “reserve stock” and it is still possible for someone else to buy it. It is not possible to remove the item from inventory UNLESS it has been paid for. This is a first-come-first-serve collectibles business. If you would like us to reserve items for you, please contact us directly via our Contact page.

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