How to Buy Our Stuff

There are multiple ways to buy things from Golden Rule Enterprises

Purchasing via our online shop

The easiest way to buy our products is through our online store. We use safe and secure payment processing and information storage practices. To buy online you have to sign up for a membership.  Please note that you are free to browse as a guest, but when you make a purchase, an account will be automatically created for you when the order is submitted. This helps us keep track of your preferences to serve you better! Once you are signed up as a member, you will get emails when new stuff is posted (unless you opt out of notices). 

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Purchasing outside of the online store

Golden Rule Enterprises is the next exciting installment of Anything Anywhere, a Raleigh, North Carolina coins and collectibles business in operation since 1978. You are welcome to contact via phone or email in order to receive “personal service.” It is possible to call Bob to ask for deals on purchases of multiple items. Sometimes he says yes!

Does Golden Rule Enterprises do special requests?

We get new stuff everyday. We buy, sell and consign. Note that it takes time to process new inventory. If you want something and you don’t see it on the site right now, you can try contacting us by email or phone to see if we have it. This is a good way to jump ahead of the line. “Hi Bob, this is Lennie.  Got any medium sized Katanga crosses?” Please visit our Contact Page where you can get in touch with Bob directly.

A note on “holding” items

We do not “hold stock” via the online shop’s interface. Just because you put something in your cart does not mean it is “on hold.” The online store sells things on a first-come first-serve basis. You can always contact Bob directly to ask for personal service! Please visits our Terms, Conditions, and Business Practices page to read more about “holds” and all of our other business practices at Golden Rule Enterprises.