PAKISTAN, BAKTRIAN, sword, circa 1000-500 BC, the missing handle wrapped about 1/3 up the blade, bronze, 390x64mm blade, 25mm tang, excellent

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Larger bronze bladed artifacts are often found without signs of use, which has made me wonder sometimes if they were all for show, while the real work continued to be done with cheaper stone tools. People were buried with their bronze stuff, but not so much with contemporary stone tools. You had a pile of usable stone axe heads in a pile you can use, but when you go to the council of elders meeting you have your ceremonial bronze sword on your hip.

In terms of technology, Bronze Age production methods and products were similar from Persia to Pakistan. There was a time during the later 20th century when bronzes from that region and period were called “Luristan,” after a region in Persia, but that designation was more in the way of marketing. More easterly items are typically called Baktrian.

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