AUSTRIA, SALZBURG, 1 pfennig 1800 S.B.


AUSTRIA, SALZBURG, 1 pfennig, 1800 S.B., Obverse: arms above crossed palms, Reverse: 1 PFEN NING & date above crossed palms, copper, 17.5mm, KM474, VF+

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Salzburg is in northwestern Austria. It was a Roman village, was colonized by Bavaria, became a bishopric in 696 AD, archbishopric in 798. They didn’t mine salt, says Wikipedia, they taxed it. There was a bit of gold mining too. The archbishops were princes of the Holy Roman Empire. The city functioned independently until Napoleon, who .gave it to a buddy. It’s ownership bounced around during the Napoleonic wars. From 1816 it has been part of Austria.