BELGIUM, LIEGE, 1 liard, 1750


BELGIUM, LIEGE, Johann Theodor v. Bayern, 1744-63, 1 liard, 1750, Obverse: arms on crossed sword and scepter, Reverse: date between four shields, copper, 23mm, KM155, decent surfaces despite having been in the ground, VF

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Johann Theodore was son of Duke-Elector Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria. He collected Prince-Bishoprics in Liege, Regensburg, and Freising. He liked to hunt, play and listen to music, and hang around with women.

Belgium and the Netherlands are the “Low Countries.” During the wars of the Reformation what is now Belgium stayed with the Catholic Holy Roman Empire, while the Protestant Netherlands broke away. After the Napoleonic wars Belgium was held by Netherlands for a few decades but the relationship was bad and Belgium broke away.