BELGIUM Medal for the 25th Anniversary of the Reign of Pope Leo XIII 1902


BELGIUM, religious medal, 1902, bust L, LEO . XIII . PONT . MAX . AN . XXV, JOHNSON below truncation, Jesus standing 1/2 L with sheep, PASTOR BONVS ANIMAM SVAM DAT PRO OVIBVS SVIS, loop at top, gilt bronze, 31mm, 12.03g, 25th anniversary of the reign of Pope Leo XIII, scratches rev., XF

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They didn’t have TV or radio back then. They had to make their own entertainment. So they made festive occasions when they’d get together. As often as possible, Get together with people, schmooz, so ritual like stuff, maybe you’d all sing together, so, like, the western version of pranayama yoga. Then they’d buy a little medal, put it on your coat lapel, there’s a conversation starter right there.

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