BITHYNIAN KINGDOM Prusias II circa 185-149 BC bronze


BITHYNIAN KINGDOM, Prusias II, circa 185-149 BC, minor, no date, Obverse: his bust R, Reverse: Centaur R, bronze, 14mm, 3.66g, SG7266, aVG

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Prusias II, like most monarchs of the time, fought with his neighbors, with middling success for the most part. He had children by more than one wife, and therefore created succession problems, which resulted in his murder.

Bithynia was the central part of the northern coast of Anatolia, Turkey. The region’s cities were conquered by Croesus of Lydia, after which Lydia was conquered by the Achaemenid Persians. Local satraps asserted their independence but were conquered by Alexander when he took Persia. The satraps again emerged as independent after a few decades. The last of the Bithynian kings bequeathed the Kingdom to Rome in 74 BC.

The big change that Alexander the Great brought about was the union of the Greek spirit of inquiry with the methods of imperial bureaucracy.

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