BOEOTIA, TANAGRA, silver, hemiobol, no date, (c. 387-374 BC)


BOEOTIA, TANAGRA, hemiobol, no date, (c. 387-374 BC), Obverse: shield, Reverse: forepart of horse R, silver, 9mm, 0.61g, SG-2453v, SNG Cop-225v, F

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This item is an Ancient Coin. Ancient Coins include “Classical” Greek and Roman coins, those of neighbors and successors, and coins from Morocco and Spain all the way to Afghanistan. Date ranges for these products begin with the world’s earliest coins to the end of Byzantine Empire, 1453 AD. Import terminology for Ancient Coins: gold, silver, bronze, lead, billon, authentic, genuine, rare, old, and stater. This item is an old Greek coin. This cateogry also includes Greek-related coins but does not include the coins of Alexander the Great and the successor kingdoms. Important terminology for this group: archaic, classical, drachm, tetradrachm, obol, Apollo, Hercules, Helios, Black Sea, Rhodes, Sicily, Syracuse, Poseidon, chariot, galley, Artemis, dolphin, Persia, Achaemenid.