PAKISTAN, Northwest Frontier, BAKTRIAN?, bracelet pair, circa 2000-500 BC, split rings, incised decoration on rounded outside edge, sides are flat, bronze, 85-97mm diameter, not quite round, 97.16g, & 92.77g, this is a matched pair obviously made by the same person at the same time & thus extremely rare, patina is part rough, part smooth, overall very nice VF

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Bronze bracelets became major trade items, easy to carry, easy to weigh.

The culture complex we currently term “Baktrian” (Bactrian), developed from the neolithic settlements of Eurasia in the area between the current Iran-Afghan border and Kashmir, more or less. Cities appeared somewhat later than the Indus cities of the south. The horse nomads bothered the locals several centuries before they impacted Indus lands. The late Baktrians resisted Alexander until he had to make a deal with one of them, marrying the king’s daughter, to get through Afghanistan.

Northwest Frontier Province was renamed Khyber Pakhtunwa in 2010.

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