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People sometimes hire me to find coins for them that I don’t have in stock. I have this service: “your numismatic buying agent.” You hire me to go find the coin you are looking for. The rationale is that I know where to look, maybe some people I can ask, and I think I can often find a better deal than you can.

Costs $50 per item. I will only handle 3 items for you at a time. $50 gets you up to 30 minutes per item of my time searching and consulting.

For details, see description section below.

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Here is an example of how these deals can work out: Perhaps you are looking for a rare coin and you can’t find it yourself. So you come to me, and tell me what you are looking for and any details regarding grade or price. I will look for what you want by searching the web and/or asking my contacts. I’ll send you product listing links via email, and I’ll give you opinions on what I come across.

Perhaps I will look for a few minutes the day that you contact me, and maybe I won’t find it. Then I will come back a week later and find it. Or maybe I will have found one in questionable condition and after another week I find an excellent one. $50 gets you 30 minutes (per item) of my time searching and consulting. The 30 minutes can stretch over multiple days up to a 3-week period.

If unsuccessful, you’ll get a list of the search terms I used and the websites I visited. If successful, I’ll send you the URL(s) of the item(s) I found. Whether you buy it or not will be up to you. I will only handle up to three items at a time.

To hire me to shop for you, add this product to your cart and pay for it like any other product on this website. After you go through the payment process, your order confirmation page will link to a web form where you can tell me what you want me to find and any details pertaining to price, grade, or anything else. (Actually, you can access the link from your order confirmation email, too.)

If 30 minutes ends up not being enough time to find what you are looking for (and you still want me to keep searching), then we can always negotiate more time. We bill in prorated 10-minute increments at $25 each. When we get to the next increment, I will send you an invoice through your Golden Rule Enterprises account, you can log in and pay, and we will take it from there.

There are three possible endings to the buying agent process:
1. I find it for you and you buy it yourself. That’s $50 as described above.
2. I find it and buy it for you. In that case I will charge an additional 20% commission to buy and receive the item for you. A postage charge will be added for invoices under $1000.00. Depending on the circumstances I may ask for a deposit or prepayment in full.
3. I didn’t find it. This happens. No refunds.