CHALKIS in EUBOEA bronze (3rd century BC)


EUBOIA, CHALKIS, minor, no date (3rd century BC), Obverse: head of Hera quarter R, Reverse: eagle with snake R, bronze, 12mm, 1.61g, SG2488, F-VF

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Chalkis (Chalcis) was the major city of Euboia (Euboea)

Euboea (Evia) is the second largest of the Greek islands, very close to the mainland in the Aegean Sea. There were a lot of people on the island, they did a lot of business. It got wrecked several times during the Persian Wars. It was under Athenian influence on and off until it was conquered by Philip II of Macedon.

Chalkis (Chalcis) is the largest town on the island of Euboea (Evia) in Greece. It is mentioned in the Iliad as a rival with Eretria.

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