CHINA HAN Dynasty circa 200 BC – 200 AD Hell Money


CHINA, HAN Dynasty, circa 200 BC – 200 AD, funeral offering, in shape of a plate of food, round things in “sauce,” glazed clay, average 50-60mm diameter, F-VF

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You can ask for one or the other of the available specimens, as long as you’re OK with whichever one you get.

There is a long history of offerings for the dead in Chinese culture. The modern iterations are paper “Hell money” and cardboard use objects like houses, refrigerators, cars, etc., that are ritually burned as part of the funeral ceremonies.

China is like the world: it has everything in it. The current evidence shows that there were people “everywhere” by about 12,000 years ago. In China they started writing stuff down about 5000 years ago, roughly the same time as Egypt and Sumer. The Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations are gone, but China is still here.

Over the decades I’ve been selling collectibles my market has been about 97% coins, 2% paper money, 1% everything else.