CHINA, QING Dynasty, 18-19th c.?, brass button amulet


CHINA, QING, 18-19th c.?, button amulet, blank on the converse side, trigrams incised on the concave side, the loop segment has square shoulders and is inserted into a hole in the center, brass, 40mm diameter, 6.5mm tall, 14.15g, VF

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The Chinese liked to imbue everything with amuletic and spiritual properties. This large button, with its hidden trigrams, acknowledges and invokes the order of the universe, whether the wearer knew it or not.

The Manchus who invaded China in the 17th century, ostensibly to support the failing Ming dynasty, proceeded to conquer China over about forty years, killing an estimated 20 million people in the process, the highest human cost in any human action until the 20th century. Then they did some cultural development stuff in the 18th century. Then the Europeans showed up.

China is like the world: it has everything in it. The current evidence shows that there were people “everywhere” by about 12,000 years ago. In China they started writing stuff down about 5000 years ago, roughly the same time as Egypt and Sumer. But the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations are gone, but China is still here.

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