CHINA, TANG Dynasty, c. 618-900 AD, bronze sword guard


CHINA, TANG Dynasty, c. 618-900 AD, jiange sword guard, thin pierced work, triangular shape, sort of floral decoration, bronze, 78x50mm, 46.78g, label: Ordos, F

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The blade had a long tang that went through the hole on the bottom. Its width would have been substantially less than the width of this thing, guarding the hand from the opponent’s blade during hand to hand combat.

Tang dynasty is remembered and celebrated for its high artistic culture, but they also kept a pretty good economy going for a few centuries. The Tang government had ongoing problems with nomads of various kinds, particularly Turks. They built quite a bit of the Great Wall.

China is like the world: it has everything in it. The current evidence shows that there were people “everywhere” by about 12,000 years ago. In China they started writing stuff down about 5000 years ago, roughly the same time as Egypt and Sumer. But the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations are gone, but China is still here.

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