CHINA XIAN FENG TONG BAO iron 1 cash 1854-55 AD Board of Revenue mint


CHINA, QING Dynasty, 1644-1911 AD, 1 cash, no date (1854-55 AD), Board of Revenue mint, Obverse: XIAN FENG TONG BAO, closed head TONG, Reverse: BOO CHIOWAN left-right, iron, 22-23mm, 4.15g, calligraphy style of Dai Chunshi, H22.722, C1-4a, VF

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The Xian Feng era was the period of the Tai Ping war, which was a religious millennialist rebellion with some communistic organizational tendencies. Predatory European economic activity grew.

A rebel took Beijing and the last Ming Emperor committed suicide. A Ming loyalist general invited the Manchus into China to aid the Ming heir but instead they proceeded to conquer the country in what some think produced more casualties than any previous war. The Qing Dynasty promoted culture and the economy flourished until the Europeans arrived with their Industrial Revolution and opium.