DANUBIAN CELTS, silver drachm, (3-2nd century BC)


DANUBIAN CELTS, drachm, no date (3-2nd century BC), Obverse: head of Herakles R, Reverse: Zeus seated L, silver, 18mm, 3.49g, SG211, Göbl591 variety, toned VF

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The Celts who settled in what is now Romania were close to the practitioners of Greek art, and early in their coinage efforts they made pretty good imitations of the coins of their Makedonian neighbors.

Celts in Europe found that they liked the idea of coins and started making them themselves. Imitations of Greek and later Roman coins eventually developed into indigenous types.

The Celts came out of northern Central Asia as part of the horses and iron nomadic wave of the 8th century BC and later. They found that they liked the pretty Greek coins and made sometimes fanciful imitations of their own.