DELHI SULTANS Sher Shah Suri rupee 949 AH (1542 AD) contemporary counterfeit


DELHI SULTANS, Sher Shah Suri, 1538-45 AD, rupee, 949 AH (1542 AD), Gwalior type, copper, 25mm, 8.93g, GG-D781, contemporary counterfeit, F

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Sher Shah was a great warrior and reformer, who introduced the rupee. He died while besieging a city.

Dehli is how Delhi is written in Arabic. The Dehli Sultans, or “slave kings of Delhi,” started out as Turkish slave soldiers (mamluks). As mamluks were often given positions of responsibility by their owners, there was a tendency for them to usurp power and establish dynasties, and that’s what happened in Delhi. The reference used for the coins is “The Coins of the Indian Sultanates,” by Goenka and Goron.