GEORGIA, lottery ticket, 1922


RUSSIA, GEORGIA, RSFSR, lottery ticket, 1922, Face: black on violet underprint, Back: black, 128x38mm, VG

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This was after the Bolsheviks had defeated the “capitalist” Republic and made Georgia into a Soviet Republic in preparation for the creation of the USSR.

Catherine the Great made lotteries a state monopoly in 1764. Russian governments national and local have loved the lottery every since. There is nothing more profitable.

The term “document” implies some official status applied to a piece of paper or non-paper equivalent (digital, cuneiform tablet, etc.). Any other piece of paper that might be of interest to collectors for some reason can be classified as “paper ephemera.” Could be a product wrapper, or a check (cheque). Or a magazine, or a postcard.

Over the decades I’ve been selling collectibles my market has been about 97% coins, 2% paper money, 1% everything else.