GERMANY, BREMEN, silver 1 groten, 1743


GERMANY, BREMEN, 1 groten, 1743, Obverse: Habsburg eagle, 1 on breast, CAR: VII. D G. ROM: IMP. S., Reverse: plain shield, high point of key merged with shield top, + MON: NOV: REIP: BREM: 1743, silver, 16mm, KM197, cleaned VF

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Bremen is the second largest port city in Germany. There were humans there from the late paleolithic period. Saxons were defeated by Charlemagne and forcibly converted to Christians. It started acquiring self-governing aspects in the 12th century, and was one of the first places in Europe where it was possible to become a citizen and a free person. It was a member of the Hanseatic League from 1260 and became a prosperous merchant city.