GERMANY, BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG-CELLE, Georg II WIlhelm, 1665-1705, 1 pfennig, 1691, Obverse: crowned CW, Reverse: 1 PFENNIG SCHEIDE MUNTZ 1691, copper, KM336, aF

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Braunschweig (Brunswick) is in northwestern Germany. It was made a Duchy (province) of the Holy Roman Empire in 1235. The Dukes wove themselves into the European dynastic system. Luneburg is a town that produced most of the salt used in northern Germany, which made it rich enough to join the Hanseatic League of commercial towns. Changing circumstances destroyed the salt trade. The town was attached to Hanover in 1708. Celle is a town in northern Germany between Hanover and Hamburg. For a while it was the seat of a cadet branch of the Dukes of Brunswick.