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GERMANY, notgeld, 10 different, not guaranteed to be Uncirculated, but most of them are

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“Not” in German means “emergency.” There are three main categories of German notgeld. First came Kriegsgeld, or “war money,” mostly low denominations, 1914-19, Then a collecting mania began in Germany and “series” notes on topical themes were made to sell to the collectors, 1920-22 mostly. Then came the inflation notgeld of 1922-23, when the economy blew up and everyone was scrambling for a few months.

During the paper money era of the late 18th through late 20th centuries, when national governments grew incompetent, local administrations, or sometimes private local players, might issue temporary emergency money.

Paper money was used in China as early as the 12th century. In Europe banks began to be organized enough to allow their promises to pay to circulate. Governments substantially took over the job in the late 19th century. Perhaps they are on their way out now. Time will tell.

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