GREEK bronze ring handle for a box or somesuch circa 300-100 BC


PAKISTAN, NORTHWEST FRONTIER, GREEK, ring handle for a box or somesuch, circa 300-100 BC, flattened cross section, decorated at distal end with 4 buds, bronze, 33mm outer diameter, 20mm inner diameter, 12.37g, one bud missing, F

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When Alexander arrived in Pakistan with his Greco-Macedonian army he found a working civilized culture with cities, bureaucracies, and so forth. The Macedonians and Greeks settled down to rule and started intermarrying with the locals. About 100 years in nomadic Scythians began to migrate into the region, eventually taking over, intermarrying, etc. Wave after wave of outsiders came and stayed over many centuries.

Northwest Frontier Province was renamed Khyber Pakhtunwa in 2010.