INDIA, JAIPUR, paisa, no date, year 18 (1776-7 AD), Sawai Jaipur mint


INDIA, JAIPUR, Madho Singh, 1760-78, paisa, no date, year 18 (1776-7 AD), Sawai Jaipur mint, Reverse: jhar symbol, copper, 18mm, 7mm thick, 18.3g, KM29, aF

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Jaipur is in northwest central India in the state of Rajasthan. There are about three million people living there now. It was a planned city from its founding in 1727. The founder was a Hindu in service to the Mughal Emperor and rose through the ranks until he got a chance to break free for a time. The vagaries of local politics took him and his successors in and out of the orbit of the Mughals, the Marathas (mostly in opposition), and later the British, with whom they developed a rewarding client relationship.