IONIA, EPHESOS, bronze minor, circa 280-258 BC


IONIA, EPHESOS, minor, no date (circa 280-258 BC), Reverse: bee, Ε Φ, Obverse: turreted female head L, bronze, 10mm, 1.33g, SG4409, corroded, VF

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The bee was one of the badges of Ephesus. Industrious, makes honey, honey rhymes with money, yeah, that’s what they meant.

Ionia is the central part of the western coast of Anatolia and the near hinterlands. Lydia was to the north, to the south was Caria. Greek colonies started developing in the Bronze Age. The Persians conquered all of Anatolia. Rebellions began in Ionia,beginning the decline of Persia, culminating in its conquest by Alexander.