JAPAN, 5000 yen, H-2 (1990 AD)


JAPAN, 5000 yen, H-2 (1990 AD), Obverse: judicial system, silver, 0.4461 ozT, Y104, toned Unc

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In 1852-53 the appearance of the American Commodore Perry in Japan demonstrated the inability of the shogun government to control his activities. Japanese decided they had to do something about this or it would be like China with their opium problem and foreigners doing whatever they wanted. They proceeded to have a palace coup and a short civil war that put a westernizing faction in power. Those people proceeded to a program of forced industrialization and western style administrative reform that built the Japan that beat Russia in 1905, lost World War II, and is the number 3 or 4 richest country in the world today.