JOUAN-JOUAN unit circa 195-230 AD


JOUAN-JOUAN, unit, no date (circa 195-230 AD), Obverse: king on couch, Reverse: Mao standing L, bronze, 20-21mm, 3.11g, MA3372+, bit of corrosion, aVF

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Mao was the Moon Goddess. Probably the Kushans put the main god of a given region on their coins.

The Jouan-jouan were nomads who invaded northwestern Afghanistan, Balkh is the major city, around 195 AD and took it away from the Kushans. They were there until about 230 AD, when they were driven out by the Sasanians. Their coinage consisted of light and crude imitations of Huvishka Kushana’s coins.

The earliest ancient Indian coins were the “bent bar” punchmarked silvers of the Achaemenid Persians occupying Gandhara in northwest Pakistan. By the 3rd century BC coins were in general use in most of India and Ceylon, and in subsequent centuries struck round coins in gold, silver, and copper came into use throughout the subcontinent and beyond to Southeast Asia and Pacific islands to Java and beyond.