JUDAEA First Revolt 66-70 AD bronze eighth shekel year 4 (69/70 AD


JUDAEA, First Revolt, 66-70 AD, eighth shekel, year 4 (69/70 AD), Obverse: chalice, REDEMPTION OF ZION legend, Reverse: luvav & 2 esrogs, year 4, bronze, 19.5mm, 4.76g, H670, F

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The Romans and the Jews did not get along. Romans did not understand why the Jews refused to worship the Emperor, it was just a political thing. Jews kept saying that they were only allowed to worship their own God. Roman governors (Procurators) tended to think of the Jews as stuck up hicks. Simmering resentment over several decades exploded in rebellion that ended up taking several years for the Romans to put down. They proceeded to exile all of Jerusalem’s Jews.

The ancient historian Josephus wrote the history of the Jews from the First Day to the First Revolt. Go read it.

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