KERT Mu’izz Al-Din Husayn 1331-1370 AD 12 dirhams


KERT, Mu’izz Al-Din Husayn bin Ghiyath Al-Din, 1331-1370 AD, 12 dirhams, 751 AH (1350 AD), Herat mint, Obverse: legend in double square, Reverse: 6-petalled flower in double circle, date, mint, etc. around, silver, 25-29mm, 8.44g, A2351, MA1866, VG

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The Kerts were vassals of the Mongols who attained independence after Ilkhan Abu Sa’id died in 1335. They ruled in western Afghanistan for about fifty years.

The term “Islamic coins” refers to coins made by Muslim governments from the time of the first caliphs to an end point in time that varies with the particular country being considered, but is generally some time from the 17th to 19th century. There is a geographic exclusion: India and points east are generally considered separately. The main reference used here is “Checklist of Islamic Coins,” by Stephen Album.