KOREA, amulet


KOREA, amulet, no date (19th c.), Obverse: Wealth, Honor, seal script, Reverse: Peace, Grandchildren, seal script, shaped like a stylized ricebag weight, square center hole, brass, 31×23.5mm, 4.6g, VH351, VG

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As in China, everything on Earth has its counterpart in Heaven and Hell. If you have coins you are rich, if you are rich you are lucky, if you are lucky you are blessed. It seemed natural for people to wish each other well with things that looked like money.

China calls itself “Central Country.” That is in reference to the vast Asian hinterland that is not China, and to the island peoples out in the Pacific Ocean. Because China tended to do organizational things earliest in that part of the world, the outsiders would notice and adopt useful practices that they observed. Among those borrowed cultural practices was the adoption of the money economy to replace direct barter, or to replace less convenient shapes of metal, rings and tools and jewelry bits. The Chinese style of market money being square holed cast bronze coins, that became the form of the coins made in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the islands out to Java, into Siberia and as far west as Kazakhstan.