MALWA Mahmud II 1511-31 AD copper falus 919 AH (1513 AD)


MALWA, Mahmud II, 1511-31 AD, falus, 919 AH (1513 AD), Obverse: MAHMUD SHAH AL-KHALJI BIN NASIR SHAH, Reverse: AL-SULTAN BIN AL-SULTAN, square, copper, 17mm, 7.31g, date unlisted in Goron-Goenka, GG-M172, F+

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Malwa broke away from the Delhi Sultanate after the invasions of Tamerlane. Skulduggery ensued, various nobles, royals, and generals making moves against each other for 150 years until 1561, when the Moghul Emperor Akbar I invaded and conquered it.

The earliest ancient Indian coins were the “bent bar” punchmarked silvers of the Achaemenid Persians occupying Gandhara in northwest Pakistan. By the 3rd century BC coins were in general use in most of India and Ceylon, and in subsequent centuries struck round coins in gold, silver, and copper came into use throughout the subcontinent and beyond to Southeast Asia and Pacific islands to Java and beyond.