NORTH CAROLINA, 25 cents, uncut sheet


USA (actually, CSA), NORTH CAROLINA, 25 cents, 1.1.1864, Face: Ceres standing R on left, Back: blank, P-S2372a, a vertical sheet of 4 specimens, positions L, M, N, and O, all with serial # 324, there is a fold between each specimen, and two tiny inkburns, so let’s call it AU with those qualifications

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During the American Civil War the Confederate central government was always broke, so anything the states managed to do to keep their economies going was fine. The states too issued and used worthless paper money. The alternative was to just steal stuff from the citizens, which was the antique way of doing things. Better to exchange pieces of paper than to send raiding parties to your own farmers after the harvest. Cheaper too.

For organizational purposes, banknote collectors tend to make a distinction between national issues and local issues. The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money has a volume dedicated to “specialized” issues, where about 20,000 items are listed. A “complete” catalog would likely have at least 10 times that number. The Standard Catalog numbers for “specialized” notes are designated P-S. There are special catalogs for various series such as German and Austrian notgeld, former Soviet Union, etc.

Paper money, meaning the promise of a government to pay a set amount, and the paper promise allowed to circulate at will, was probably first used in China in the 12th century AD. At that time the merchants and governments of Europe were just writing letters to each other about what they owed.