PAKISTAN, BAKTRIAN, c. 1500-500 BC, clay figurine


PAKISTAN, NORTHWEST FRONTIER, Taxila area, BAKTRIAN, figurine, c. 1500-500 BC, a quadruped of some kind, light tan clay, 87x61x33mm, crude, legs are mostly gone, face is nice

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These were cattle herding people. Even though they were Hindus or proto-Hindus, they were almost certainly both eating and worshipping their animals. The little animal figurines are fairly common. They could be votive, or they could be toys.

The general progression of human technology goes something like: stone and bone tools and sticks, stone tools attached to sticks, better stone and bone tools, clothing, agriculture, pottery, metalwork. In the Central and South Asian context pottery began around 3000 BC. Cities started appearing some time after 2000 BC. In Balochistan, southern Pakistan, the early urban culture is called Indus. The northern counterpart is called Baktrian. In the early period they were similar in many respects.

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