PARTHIA, Osroes II, c. 190 AD, silver drachm


PARTHIA, Osroes II, c. 190 AD, drachm, no date, Ecbatana mint, Obverse: bust L, Reverse: archer seated R, silver, 17-21mm, 3.7g, Sellwood85.1, XF

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Osroes is a version of the Persian name Khusrau (Chosroes). He was probably a rebel against Vologases IV, and was defeated by Vologases V.

The Parthians were Central Asian nomads who descended on the “settled” and “civilized” world with their new military invention, which was stirrups, which permitted the existence of mounted spear bearing warriors.

Coins of the “Greek” world before Alexander are called “archaic” if they’re old enough, and “classical” for the period of high artistry. From Alexander on they are called “Hellenistic,” and display a change of subject matter from dieties to monarchs.