PARTHIA, Parthamaspates, 116 AD, drachm


PARTHIA, Parthamaspates, 116 AD, drachm, Ecbatana mint, Obverse: bust with short beard wearing rounded tiara with ear flap L, Reverse, archer seated R, A with dot between legs under bow, silver, 18-19mm, 3.78g, S81.1, XF-AU

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The Parthians were Central Asian nomads who descended on the “settled” and “civilized” world with their new military invention, which was stirrups, which permitted the existence of mounted spear bearing warriors. Parthamaspates was a Parthian exile living in Rome when Trajan picked him to be a Roman puppet king, but the Romans found that holding Persia was too expensive and left, upon which the Parthians gave him the boot and he scuttlled back to Rome. The Romans sent him next to be a puppet in Osroene, in eastern Anatolia.

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