POLAND, Kasimir IV, 1447-1492, 1/2 groszy, Krakow mint


POLAND, Kasimir IV, 1447-1492, 1/2 groszy, Krakow mint, Obverse: eagle, MONETA KASIMIRI, Reverse: crown, REGIS POLONIE, cinquefoil below, billon, 19mm, 1.2g, G451, F

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Poles were occupying territory in what is now the Republic of Poland from the 6th century AD. In the 10th century a pagan Polish king, Mieszko I, converted to Christianity. The Polish kingdom became powerful but was disrupted by the Mongols. A new dynasty arose in the 14th century that developed into a major European power, dominating eastern Germany and Russia for a while. Polish bigwigs bickered among themselves in the 17th century, the nation grew weak and fell apart, the pieces being picked up by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. It emerged again as an independent nation after World War I.