ROMAN-BYZANTINE glass sherd circa 50 BC-500 AD


ISRAEL, ROMAN-BYZANTINE, sherd, circa 50 BC-500 AD, part of a bottle, transparent light green with nice irridescence, glass, 89x85mm,

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Glass was being made 5000 years ago, but the Romans created a mass production process that made glassware a major export product for the Empire. They didn’t invent windows though. In winter everybody was cold all the time.

In Holyland terms, the Roman period could be considered “early modern.” The Romans brought a system of universal laws to the world, that being the concept that you can’t just do what you want because you’re powerful enough to do it, you have to produce paperwork documenting that it was done right for the right reasons. Before that it was nothing but do what you could get away with, no need to explain. The Romans brought the idea that you had to justify it. That was great, even though they passed most of their history doing things the old way. Then, in the Holyland, they ran into the Jews, who said, “OK, fine, law, sure. But our God gave us a bunch of laws, and you’re gonna let us keep doing it that way, right?” Romans said yes, but then they couldn’t refrain from bad governance, the situation deteriorated. there was war, it didn’t end well for anyone.

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