USSR 20 Years of Irreproachable Service in the Armed Forces Medal


RUSSIA, USSR, 20 Years of Irreproachable Service in the Armed Forces Medal, no date (1960s-80s), Obverse: hammer and sickle in star, Reverse: ВООРУЖЕННЫЕ СИЛЫ ЗА 20 ЛЕТ БЕЗУЛРЕЧНОЙ СЛУЖБЫ, type 2 – silver plated brass, 31mm, aluminum kalodka, XF

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This medal series was initiated in 1944.

The Russian Communists started out with an ideology that abolished military ranks and any kind of awards. That didn’t work so they went totally the other way and built a command society with a full compliment of penalties and rewards for unquestioning obedience. There was a period from 1992 and for a few years after when the national medal treasury was pilfered and everyone was broke and selling their medals. Putin subsequently made the trade in original medals illegal, but the horses had already left the barn.

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