SASANID Yazdgard III 632-651 AD silver drachm year 3 SK Sakastan mint


SASANID, Yazdgard III, 632-651 AD, drachm, year 3 (634 AD), SK, Sakastan mint, Obverse: bust R, Reverse: fire altar with 2 attendants, date L, mint R, silver, 32mm, 3.93g, crack, XF-AU

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Yazdgard III was the last Sasanid King. He was put on the throne as a child in a time of dynastic war, with neighbor states taking advantage. Then came the Muslim Arabs, who put an end to the nonsense.

The Sasanid dynasty grew out of a secession of the district of Persis, more or less the southwestern part of Persia. There was a political aspect: they portrayed themselves as authentic Persians, as opposed to the Parthians against whom they rebelled, who were foreign nomads to the Sasanids. There was also a religious element: the Zoroastrian religion considered itself a distinct, modern, better formulation of religion than the overall jumble of localisms that was the key idea of the pagan world. There was also the anti-Roman thing: the last of the Parthians were either ineffectual or Roman puppets.

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