SCYTHIAN, Post-Hermaios imitation bronze tetradrachm, circa 20 BC – 20 AD


SCYTHIAN, Western Region, Post-Hermaios imitation, tetradrachm, circa 20 BC – 20 AD, Obverse: laureate bust R, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΟΤΗΙΡΟΣ ΕΡΜΑΙΟΥReverse: Zeus seated L, MAHARAJASA TRATARASA HERAMAYASA, bronze, 23mm, 8.9g, MA2044, corrosion spots, scratches, F

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Hermaios had a long reign that ended with the arrival of the Yueh Chi, ancestors of the Kushans, possibly some kind of Scythians. Coins imitating his types were issued by a number of groups after his death. This particular series is assigned by Senior to a branch of the Sycthians.