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People sometimes ask me for advice on whether they should buy something that they have found listed by another dealer.

I have this service: your numismatic shopping assistant. You hire me to look at your prospective purchase with you and to comment on if I think buying it is a good idea.

I’ll tell you what I know about the thing you’re looking at. I might give both sides of the question (what’s good about it as well as what’s bad), or I might talk about the counterfeit situation of what you’re looking at, or perhaps I might happen to know something about market availability… and so forth.

You get up to 30 minutes of my time consulting, to help you get the better thing.

For details and more information, please see the description section below.

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Perhaps you’ve been on the hunt for a numismatic item and I don’t have it in stock, but you have found it somewhere else. The thing looks pretty good, but you have this feeling of “I wish I could ask Bob Reis if I should buy this.” Perhaps you have found more than one of the same coin listed… or maybe you would like me to give advice on whether the one you have picked out is a good deal.

Recently I helped someone decide on a coin sought as a gift for a loved one. There was the exchange of several emails that culminated with a phone conversation where we looked at several examples available. I pointed out why I thought one was a better deal than the other. The outcome seemed to be successful.

We now have a standard process for this service. After you go through the payment process, your order confirmation page will have a link to a web form where you can present your situation and we can discuss what you want to do. You will be able to access the link from your order confirmation email, too.

When you fill out the web form, you can tell me what you are looking at and any pertinent details of the thing itself (or the transaction). You can show me something actual that you’re thinking about buying (such as a link to a listing on another website) and I will give you my opinion. Costs $50 per item. You get up to half an hour to work this out with me.

If 30 minutes is not enough to find the perfect coin, then we can negotiate more time. We bill in prorated 10-minute increments at $25 each. When we get to the next increment, I will send you an invoice through your Golden Rule Enterprises account, you can log in and pay, and we will take it from there.