SPAIN, 2 centimos, 1905 (05)


SPAIN, KINGDOM, 2 centimos, 1905 (05), Obverse: bust R, ALFONSO CIII POR LA G. DE DIOS, Reverse: crowned arms, denomination, Edge: plain, bronze, 19.5mm, KM722, red & brown Unc

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From the mid-19th to the mid-20th century many Spanish coins were made with a tiny date inside a star somewhere on the coin, called “star date,” and noted in parentheses, like the date of this one.

Spanish towns were issuing coins in the days of the Greeks and Phoenicians. The united kingdom began with Ferdinand and Isabella and lasted, with interruptions, until today.

By “Modern World Coins” we mean here, generally, the round, flat, shiny metal objects that people have used for money and still do. “Modern,” though, varies by location. There was some other way they were doing their economies, and then they switched over to “modern coins,” then they went toward paper money, now we’re all going toward digital, a future in which kids look at a coin and say “What’s that?” We’ll say: “We used to use those to buy things.” Kid will ask “How?”