THAILAND, unknown period, c. 12-19th c.?, bronze pick


THAILAND, unknown period, c. 12-19th c.?, pick, pineapple shaped head, bronze, 64mm long, 6mm head, 3.66g, small crusty spot, otherwise choice VF

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The flower bud motif is thousands of years old and is still popular today all over the world.

Three ways that bronze artifacts were put in the ground for people to find later: people burying the dead with their stuff, people put them in the ground, thinking they’d be back to retrieve it but didn’t, people lost stuff. Since bronze was valuable, people reused it when the thing broke, rather than throw stuff away.

There seems to be some evidence supporting the contention that the earliest production of bronze occurred in Thailand. Folk production of bronze decorative and use items continued into the 19th century.

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