THEBES, silver hemidrachm, (426-395 BC)


BOEOTIA, THEBES, hemidrachm, no date (426-395 BC), Obverse: shield, Reverse: amphora, ΘΕΒΙ, silver, 12mm, 2.43g, SG2385, VF

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Several Boeotian cities were loosely united in a religious and military alliance we call the Boeotian League in the 6th through 4th century BC. Thebes usually the dominant actor. The city was destroyed by Alexander the Great.

Thebes is the major city of Boeotia. Heracles was born there.

Boeotia is up the isthmus from Athens. Mount Parnassus is there. Many of the central Greek myths take place in the region.

We think that our culture grew out of the culture of Greece because it was in Greece (and in China) that people started thinking about how things could be different than they were in a world where everything was dangerous and might made right. They also established principles of artistic expression that we still use today. We see this approach to art in their coins.