THESSALY, THESSALIAN LEAGUE, bronze minor, 196-146 BC


THESSALY, THESSALIAN LEAGUE, minor, no date (196-146 BC), Obverse: head of Apollo R, Reverse: horse R, ΘΕΣΣΑΛΩΝ, bronze, 17mm, 4.83g, SG2238, aVF

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Thessaly is a region of central Greece with an eastern shoreline on the Aegean Sea. In Homeric times it was inhabited by Aeolians, who were conquered by the Thessalians, who created a racial oligarchy of a few rich families. The unfair and arbitrary methods of government produced centuries of unrest. Invasion and occupation did not significantly impact the situation on the ground. After the Persians, class strife continued. Phillip II of Macedon interfered, dominating the situation. He was elected “archon” of the “Thessalian League” by “the populace.” The Thessalian League was a sidekick of Macedon until the advent of the Romans, who tucked it into their Province of Macedonia.