UMAYYAD gitrifi dirham 7-8th century AD


UMAYYAD, dirham, no date (7-8th century AD), no mint (Bukhara), Obverse: Sasanid style bust R, BUKHAR HUB K’AY in pahlavi R, no legend behind, Reverse: fire altar with attendants, called “gitrifi” dirham, billon, 25mm, 2.07g, A-M93, MI-293, crude, F

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The founder of the Umayyad dynasty was governor of Syria at the time of the war that established the Sunni-Shia split. At that point Muslims were in military occupation of territory from Egypt to Afghanistan. The Umayyads ruled for about 100 years, never established a peaceful succession method, ruled mostly badly, were overthrown by a popular revolutionary movement.