USA 1889 Knights of Labor token}


USA, UNKNOWN LOCATION, token, 1889, Obverse: POST 49 TO POST 18 NOV. 14 . 1889 ., Reverse: K OF L in triangle in circle, Edge: plain, nickel or nickel plated steel, 24mm, 5.91g, Knights of Labor, early labor union, XF

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There are plenty of tokens, and some medals, that we are currently unable to attribute properly with time, place, and purpose. If those unknowns are American we call them “mavericks.”

This one, though, was a post token, like the VFW posts, some of them, used to have pay bars in the lounge. Or it could have been a member pass. Don’t lose this, they would have been told.

A token is used like a coin but is not a coin. Rather, it stands for a coin without the value of the coin. Maybe its copper, but says its value is the same as a silver coin. Usually tokens were made privately, but sometimes governments got involved.